Garden Design

I offer a garden design service, with an emphasis on plant design, to help you create a garden which suits your climate and lifestyle.

Typically, we will begin with an initial consultation to discuss the capabilities and limitations of your site, discuss your tastes, budget, skill and energy levels, and what you would like to achieve in the garden. I will then set about designing a bespoke garden which marries those aspects together.

A fully detailed design, with accompanying plant lists and numbers, could be completed at the outset, or we can spread the design out over several phases. In this case, I would develop the bones of a masterplan for the garden, earmarking different areas for different functions, and establishing how they articulate together to create a cohesive whole. We would then flesh out the bones of each area of the garden, as and when you have the time, budget and inclination to tackle it.

Many of my clients like to install and maintain their own gardens, or to engage contractors local to their area to do so. I am happy to help guide you in this process, with oversight of the design installation, and the ongoing care and maintenance of the garden to ensure it progresses the way we want it to.

Feel free to contact me regarding garden design.